Weekly Summary 3/30-4/5

Created Web Space:


Above is a link to my created Web Domain for Gambino De Luca. I chose to use Wix for this assignment because it was user friendly and I found that the subdomain was confusing. I also wanted to explore other domain building services. Obviously this site is just getting going so please stay tuned for what’s to come. Thanks!



  1. This assignment can be found at my Characters webpage at, http://bchristi1361.wix.com/gambinodeluca#!portfolio/c1fj6. I chose to do this assignment as I saw it fit the building of our new site. Gambino is not fully in his role yet so this was a bit challenging. I only included elementary school in his education section as i found it funny that because he’s a mobster he only went to elementary school! I downloaded a template off of Microsoft to create the template and that was very straight forward. I used print screen to include the resume on my site as well as here. Enjoy!
  2. https://www.pinterest.com/bchristi1361/gambinos-board/

For this assignment I made a Pinterest account. This assignment caught my eye as I have always been intrigued about Pinterest. I found so many things that I wanted to “pin” for myself but kept remembering that this was for Gambino! I easily found 20 things to pin and the majority of Gambino’s pins were money, guns, and alcohol! Pretty much explains my character!

  1. This assignment was incredibly goofy and I loved it. This is “Bear dog”, Gambino’s best friend and number one pal. This creature is a dog(German Short hair) and a grizzly bear’s head. These are two of Gambino’s favorite animals and because he is such a bad ass he was able to combine the two into one animal. I created this through GIMP and was able to use the lasso tool to crop the bears head. I though the final product turned out pretty well and it was fairly easy to accomplish. Overall and funny and relaxing assignment. (Image found at Website link at top of pageUntitled
  2. This was somewhat hard to figure out how to relate this theme to Gambino. I chose a picture of a gangster(Al Capone) getting arrested. If Gambino were to see this he would for sure have a nice chuckle. To Gambino this would certainly be “You’re doing it wrong”. Gambino has never been caught and with the way he rolls he most likely never will. No editing was necessary for this assignment and it was a breeze uploading into this post. Enjoy! (Image found at Website link at top of page)b62747287713b73d292f34f786448b84

Daily Creates:

  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/128915231@N02/17029565072/
    1. This assignment was to create a movie cover for your NOIR theme. I chose to relate the create to Gambino. The cover features a simple NOIR nightscape with the title, a little catch phrase that makes you want to watch the movie, and a puddle of blood in the lower right corner. Used GIMP to create product.
  2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/128915231@N02/17049136975/
    1. This assignment was to create a selfie with yourself and an umbrella. I do not own an umbrella so I had to become creative. I used a storm photo my dad took, a photo of myself fishing, and a photo of an umbrella off google. I slapped them all together and I actually think it turned out pretty cool. Used gimp to create the final product!




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