Weekly Summary 3/23-3/29

Daily Creates:


This week were assigned three daily creates and all three are posted below! Enjoy!

This assignment was to take a picture of a tree and turn it into art. I really dont think anything had to be done to this photo. This was taken in Charleston South Carolina and to me it is one of the most beautiful pictures of a tree i have ever seen. Never looked at a tree and thought of art but i can now clearly see how it is art!

This assignment was to create “Fingerprint Art”. To be honest I had no clue where to go with this one. Getting the fingerprint for the head was a bit challenging but I don’t think it turned out to well. I added a body to the fingerprint and this is a picture of myself with a fishing rod.


March 29, 2015

So today I decided to take my boat out on the water for the first time this year and get some fishing in. As my alarm went off I checked the weather app on my phone and saw that it was 26 degrees outside. That wasnt going to stop me. As I pulled up to the boat ramp to launch my boat it was just me and one other fellow. The man looked at me and said, “How f’ing stupid are we. Fishing in 26 degree weather…us fisherman are crazy.” And boy is he right!

This daily create was to talk about a conversation you had with a random person. This took place this morning, Sunday March 29th as i was getting ready to hit the lake!

Interview Assignment:


So this assignment was to create an Interview for you character. I chose all 7 questions from Professor Groom’s video and they were all fairly straight forward and easy to answer. I gave to the point answers and some of them are shocking to say the least. I did this because I think it best reflects my character and Gambino is not one to ramble on and on and on. I created the interview through Windows Movie Maker and was able to do the entire interview in one run through. Gambino is quite the character if you cant already tell and he is not one for games. I hope this gives you somewhat of an idea of what Mr. De Luca is all about.

Change over:

Created the new twitter and the ball is rolling. I had to take over the old twitter as I can’t find a way to have multiple twitter accounts to the same phone number. Even through the email path I couldn’t find a way.


Final Unit Choice:

For the final unit I have decided to work alone. I have such a busy schedule and I don’t want to hold a group back because I can’t meet when every can. Looking forward for what is to come!













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