“You’re Doing it Wrong”

I like to say this phrase a lot “You’re doing it wrong.” Just as dry and monotone as I can manage. If it’s timed perfectly, I can’t amuse myself better any other way. Your assignment is to  find the best possible photo you can of someone or something “doing it wrong.” Sometimes people drive the wrong way on a one-way street or there are signs or stairs that point or lead nowhere. Find something wrong and riff on it. Two stars, cause it’s a photo that might take some hunting but no editing is required.


2 Points!

baseball kid gets one in the nuts funny

I found this picture a while back and could not resist using it for this assignment. I have an even greater appreciation for this photo because of my love for baseball and it fits the “You’re Doing it Wrong” quote perfectly.  Obviously from this photo you can see the ball is no where near the “strike zone” but the kid swang his bat anyways! You cant win them all in life and this poor kid certainly did not win this one.

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