Video Assignements

For the first assignment i completed, I chose to do a highlight reel for one of my favorite athletes.

Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athete, set it to some music, and add an intro

5 Stars!

For this assignment I picked Alex Ovechkin a right wing for the Washington Capitals. I found this was a good choice as he had many highlights and they were not hard to find. For the intro to this video I used an ESPN commercial that was made a few years back which i found hysterical and I think many others will as well. I then found a couple other highlights on Youtube and pieced them all together using Windows Movie Maker. This was my first real assignment with Movie Maker and it was a bit challenging. I found the trim tool the hardest to use and fading in different videos was hard to get perfect. The transitions are not as good as they could be but I did the best I could. This was a great assignment as i found the Sports theme to fit my interests. Enjoy!

Below is my second Video Assignment for the week!

Choose your favorite sports team, and make a video montage much like you would see in the pregame video in the stadium or arena.  Make it look authentic!  Add music and any effects to really push your montage to the next level!

4 1/2 Stars!

I found this assignment to  be some of my best work yet. I used three different Videos for this assignment and I think they all came together very well. The intro is awesome as it is full of suspense and leads into some awesome highlights “pumping-up” the viewer for the season to come. I added some visual effects for each transition that I really found to fit well. Once again I used Windows Movie Maker to complete this project. For this video I ran into some trouble with uploading it to Youtube. The file format from Windows Movie Maker was not cooperating with what Youtube wanted but with a little playing around i was able to convert the format and make it work. This is again Capitals themed as they are my favorite sports team! I hope you enjoy!

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