Radio Show Process

The Radio show was a great experience. I was quite worried when I saw what we had to do but once I found a group and met with my members the stress was relieved. To be honest I think the biggest struggle of this project, being an online class, was finding group members. But maybe in the future if the commenting assignment is put in place at week one, we will all get to know each other better.

We started our process by planning for a time to meet and we chose our destination as the Convergence Center. The main problem with the convergence center was, being mid-term week and all, finding a study room. The place was packed and we had to settle for recording in a hallway. Although I think it worked out fine.

My group members were fantastic and everyone was greatly involved. We were kind of lost as to where to start although we found that we would take all of our alternate endings and somehow tie them together. We used audacity to complete this project and it was a breeze being able to start and stop recording whenever needed.

We all had certain parts that could be downloaded off of soundcloud that could be included in our show which made things very easy. We included 3 bumpers, 3 commercials, and some other things that were not required. Towards the end we came up of an idea to throw in something that gave a look at each character and why we chose what we chose. This was Geoffry’s idea and was brilliant.

This project was very daunting but as things came together it was no longer so frightening. I am excited to see what other groups came up with. It is incredible what Audacity will allow you to do and I never knew what the app was capable of. I think DS106 should have some sort of listenting party after we get back from break!

Thank you to my group the “Tune Squad” for being a kick ass group. Hope everyone enjoys the show!

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