Radio Bumper

Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station. What is a bumper? It is a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned into (see So for ds106 it should certainly include “DS106 Radio” and some sort of message about the station with voice over music.

2.5 Stars!

For my last assignment I created a Radio Bumper that could potentially be used for our upcoming show. I used the song “Black Betty” and cut the lyrics. My phrase was “Thank you for listening to DS106 radio”. Its short but I think its to the point and to me I think to much is just confusing and sounds bad.

I used Audacity for the creation. This is the second time I made a bumper so the process was much smoother and took half of the time that the first one did.

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