Music Mashup

Using Audacity (or any other sound editing program) create an audio mashup with 2 very distinct songs. According to wikepedia┬áthese mashaps may fall under “fairuse”.

3 1/2 Stars!

For this assignment I looked towards Country music as there has been many stories about how similar so many songs are. For my first song I chose “Close your eyes” by Parmalee and the second song was “This is how we roll” by Florida Georgia Line. I found both selections on Youtube and converted the files to MP3 so that they could be uploaded to Audacity. Through working with audacity I found two sections that sounded most similar and the “mashing” began. I cut down each song so you all would hear was the most similar parts and then formed the two together. At first the transition into “This is how we roll” was awful and I had some trouble trying to figure out how to fix that. I went to the effects tab and implemented the “fade out” tool and am much happier with how it sounded. Through doing this assignment it was eye opening to think about how many songs are so similar. Audacity was a great software to complete this assignment. Below is linked to my upload!

3 thoughts on “Music Mashup”

  1. hey I was excited you listen to you track, however when I copied the link it said you track was not found :(. Also tip: you should embed your work so its easier for people to see/listen . Hope you get the link fixed. I love to hear your mash up!

  2. I clicked on the link you provided and it doesn’t seem to work :/ Also, embedding your your adds a little flavor to posts, Just an idea! Im a country fan so I will be coming back soon to listen to it!

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