Create A Warning Poster

Create a poster warning people of some sort of danger. It can be a danger that isn’t ever present, like the lochness monster, or something really elaborate, like beware falling off of a rhino into a bath of lizards and Shia Lebouf. Have fun with it and get as creative as possible! Gimp or Photoshop are suggested.

3 Stars!

This assignment was to create a warning sign of some sort. This caught my attention because i knew right away it would be easy to link to Gambino. My format for the warning sign is very typical with a white background, black and red lettering, and just one image so that the person reading it soaks in the information and not the pictures. The sign says that Gambino is dangerous and that he may be looking to take out other #noir106 characters. I would keep your character safe if i were you because Gambino is on the loose. I used GIMP for the assignment and because it was a warning sign it wasn’t too hard to create.


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